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Split Half Beef Order Deposit


A deposit of $200 guarantees your order with full payment due upon


Price = $4.00/lb. per Hanging Carcass Weight = approximately $750.00
The Hanging Carcass Weight is approximately 65% of the live weight steer.

Once the carcass weight is deboned at butcher, the take-home meat (packaged meat for your freezer) will be approximately 70% of the hanging carcass weight

SPLIT HALF Average live weight = 288 lbs. (25% of 1150 lb. steer)
SPLIT HALF live weight x 65% = SPLIT HALF Hanging Carcass Weight =
Approximately 185 lbs.
SPLIT HALF hanging Carcass Weight x 70% = Approximately 130 lbs. take-home meat

The final price will depend on the final weight of the steer when processed

Approximate freezer space for a SPLIT HALF = 5 cubic feet


SPLIT HALF beef prices include:
Delivery of the steer to the processor
All processing and packaging fees
Delivery to your door (local deliveries only)
SPLIT HALF Beef Take-Home Meat:

ROAST – Most roasts are cut to range in the 3 to 4 lb. size
Shoulder Roast 1 to 2 packages
Chuck Roast 3 to 4 packages
Tri-Tip Roast 1 package
Eye of Round Roast 1 package
STEAKS – Standard cut is 1-inch thickness, packages 2 per pack. Steaks can be cut thicker if desired, but a thicker steak will reduce the overall quantity of steaks
T-Bone 4 to 5 steaks (2 to 3 packages)
Rib Eye 5 to 6 steaks (2 to 3 packages)
Top Round Steak 3 to 4 steaks (one per pack)
Sirloin Steak 2 to 3 steaks (2 per pack - boneless)
Cube Steak 1 package (for stir fry and fajitas)

Filet Mignon Steak 1 package (6 per pack)
Boneless Beef Stew Meat - 2 packages
Brisket - 1 package
GROUND BEEF – Approximately 40 lbs. Wrapped in 1 lb. packages
We are happy to adjust the order to suit individual needs. Meat is cut,
vacuum sealed and frozen, ready for your freezer.
Because the beef is directly from the farm, there is no sales tax
** Any of the cuts can be made into ground beef

Split Half Beef Order Deposit

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